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Create Beautiful and Sustainable Landscape Drawings using CAD

Get the help you and your employees need to prepare CAD landscape designs when you use EZ-Plant Software, Inc.  To help users to quickly become proficient with this software, we produced a number of professional training videos with handouts and downloadable Help documents.  These will also help you to get the most out of our landscape design software. Download these Help documents below.

EZ-Plant serves as an Add-On for AutoCAD, BricsCAD or ZWCAD, and our software can work for any or all of these CAD systems. These companies all have offices in the USA. For more information about purchasing these CAD systems, contact the CAD Companies. (See the links below.)


Priced at $395.00 USD for a single user, our software can help you do everything needed from connecting center points for plants with defined grouping to planning out every detail of the landscaping for your next project.

Plant Database

Our database includes new listings for over 4,000 plants including green roof and vertical wall plants, native, bog, and marginal plants with inundation depths. Our software also includes automatic command labels with plant key names, counts, conditions, as well as easy-to-use legends of drought-tolerant plants amd native plants from for North America and a complete metric version for Australia and the UK, suitable for most other countries.

Flower, Landscape Planning in Ebensburg, PA

Gain quick access to hundreds of plant symbols and have the ability to quickly lay out plants along a-line, poly-line, or arc at a specified offset distance in seconds by using our EZ-Offset command. With our mulch and quantifying tabulation command, you can calculate mulch volumes and count plants needed for new ground cover areas in seconds. Then edits can easily be re-counted by changing the configuration, mulch depth, center spacing, or plants-per-flat designation. In this plant database, you can also change spacing distance, edit quantities, and labels for ground cover showing the amount of flats and plants that are part of a flat for the specified area. Plan your project no matter where your business is located in the North America, Europe or elsewhere with this database that includes designations for plant nurseries.

Training Videos
Ensure you and your employees know everything about this system with our instructional videos and printable handouts.Click on the Link above and see our Training video series.

EZ-Plant ™ Excel Database
Receive the Excel database spreadsheets to complement our software which can be used to scroll and review plant data and assemble your palette of plants. Use this in conjunction with our videos as a fantastic eduational tool. Download our entire Excel spreadsheet below.

Actual Excel Imperial Spread Sheet             Actual Excel Metric Spread Sheet     

Actual Excel Imperial Demo Spread Sheet    Actual Excel Metric Demo Spread Sheet

EZ-Plant ™ Down-loadable Help Documents

Download the following EZ-Plant PDF Help documents: FAQ's, StartUp Tips, DemoShort Form, Installation Doc., Edit and Add New Plants Doc. The Project Symbols Worksheets are to be used when documenting project symbol use ensuring that only one symbol be used for each plant type (per project)

Adding New Plants EZ-Plant FAQs Metric Spreadsheet Imperial Spread Sheet EZ-Plant Start Up Tips
Read Me 1st

Project Symbols Worksheet 1

Project Symbols Worksheet 4

Project Symbols Worksheet 2

Project Symbols Worksheet 5

Project Symbols Worksheet 3


                  EZ-Plant Software was used for the design of this recreation facility in Ebensburg PA in 2000.


EZ-Plant Software Photographs of Actual Constructed Projects

Notes: These photos were all taken in 2013 for local proximity convenience however EZ-Plant has been utilized by landscape architects and designers for hundreds of projects located across the globe. EZ-Plant has been used extensively for residential, public sector, federal projects and commercial applications.  Green Roof projects and designs featuring native plants are possible to create for sustainable applications. There are now Fire-Resistant plants and water-wise plants clearly identified in EZ-Plant.  

Click "here" to see  a slide show of sample photographs of actual projects designed using EZ-Plant Software.


                                          EZ-Plant Software was used to design this cemetery in 1997.

Educational Copies

Complete our Educational Validation form and email to us

Educational Form

Contact us Toll Free at (888) 513-8474 to find out more about our user-friendly EZ-Plant Software.

  CAD Systems 

 To purchase CAD Products, click the Links to AutoCAD, BricsCAD, or ZWCAD. All three CAD systems have offices in the USA. Copy (cntrl c) and paste

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 Autodesk Products link:

 BricsCAD:  See our new French Version for French Candians.

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